A little about us...

I love to collect beautiful stones and make beautiful things to share with the world. Starting off in the diamond wholesale business I learned ALL about diamonds after taking over my family business. As a self starter with the passion to build and create beautiful things, I didn't want to just sell diamonds, I wanted people to fall in love with them. With no prior jewelers bench experience, I had to learn how to create jewelry models on the computer and render them with the latest technologies. The final piece was learning to build this site so that I can share with you all of my wonderful creations. I hope that you will enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed every step on this journey and continue to improve my skills and the quality of my products. How far we take this brand is up to you. Thank you for stopping by my online store and I hope that together we can build a premier luxury jewelry brand.

I'm extremely thankful to the family, friends and friends of friends whom have supported us this whole time. Without their support I wouldn't have been able to build the company to where it is today. We are proud to make all of our products right here in New York by our master jewelers. Starting with each design on a piece of paper, to the metals casting all the way to the finished product we are able to quality check every piece since it does not get sent out of the country for any fabrication. We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our expertise in the field allows us to carefully source all of our materials from reputable and sustainable sources. With all of our designed pieces individually hand crafted locally by our expert jewelers we are able to guarantee our product's quality to you.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy your piece of jewelry for years to come.


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